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Best Practices for Building Your Own Data and Digital Platform for Industry 4.0

In this webinar, Cognite and PwC will unpack and demonstrate the “What, Why, and How” of developing future-proof platforms to operationalize and scale AI and ML solutions from ideas to measurable business value delivery.

  • What is a data and digital platform for Industry 4.0, and how does it differ from an Enterprise AI Platform or MES?
  • How to create a clear vision of the sequence of capabilities that digitalization leaders tasked to “make us more digital” need to build over time
  • The top five mistakes that companies commit when building their own data and digital platform for Industry 4.0
  • How to maximize early benefits with carefully and incremental progress, knowing that the full digital vision will take years to fully realize
  • How an energy planning application takes advantage of an open, modular, and extendable data and digital platform



Meet the speakers

Petteri V Image S

Petteri Vainikka

VP Product Marketing

Petteri’s professional career spans enterprise SaaS technologies, where he has found himself at the intersection of emerging transformational technology development and its commercial applications for customers.


Hugo Matthioli


Hugo has more than 18 years of national and international IT consulting experience, with focus on large-scale business solutions and low-code, both for web and mobile. 





Eirik Rasmussen


Eirik has more than 25 years of national and international management and consulting experience, with a special focus on the Energy and Business Technology industry.