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400% ROI and $21.6M of total benefits from Cognite Data Fusion®

Forrester Consulting conducted a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study that examines the potential return on investment (ROI) and business benefits asset-heavy industrial organizations can expect from deploying Cognite’s Industrial DataOps platform, Cognite Data Fusion®.

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Value of Cognite Data Fusion® at a glance


Benefits present value


Net present value


Return on investment

14 months

Payback period

"We were able to reduce the number of people and the time they spent in potentially hazardous areas."

VP of Data Governance

Oil and gas

“We are saving $1 million because we now have real-time data on equipment deployment.”

Senior VP of Digitalization

Marine geophysics

“With Cognite, we can see a 3D model of the facility and tie that into a database that monitors the condition of each piece of equipment.”

Data analytics manager

Oil and gas

Enable simple access to complex industrial data

Derived from first-person research and interviews across Cognite's customer base in oil and gas, manufacturing, power and cleantech, the study provides strong evidence that solving the industrial data problem is critical in realizing value from industrial digitalization efforts.

Without Cognite Data Fusion®

  • Multiple data repositories

  • Lack of data contextualization

  • Incomplete dashboards and analytics

With Cognite Data Fusion®

  • Single operational, data-focused repository

  • Fully contextualized industrial data

  • Improved data visibility and accessibility

  • Solutions automated and scaled across industrial facilities

Summary of benefits

Unlock 400% ROI from streamlined APM workflows, improved SME productivity, optimized maintenance programs, and real-time data efficiencies with Cognite Data Fusion®.

Improved SME efficiency


Revenue gains arising from shorter shutdown period


Real-time data efficiencies


Optimized planned maintenance programme


Energy efficiency savings


Optimization of heavy machinery and industrial work-flow


Summary of benefits, three-year risk-adjusted

See how Cognite Data Fusion® can solve your industrial data problem.

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