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Delivering Quick Digital Wins in Power Gen with DataOps

Learn how high-value digital applications for production, reliability, and HSE are enabled and deployed rapidly with open, contextualized industrial data architecture.

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In this webinar

June 4th, 2020
4pm - 5pm (CEST) / 9am - 10am (CST)

The power industry is changing faster than ever. Companies are relying on data not just to keep up, but to stay ahead of the pack.

A few examples:

  • Today’s production is inherently more dynamic, with different demand rates and loads than in the past

  • Assets and infrastructure are aging, requiring new models to understand patterns at different stages of lifecycle

  • Labor availability and experience is changing how scheduled maintenance work is prioritized and completed

Companies that can quickly mobilize and leverage their data to discover, test, and understand new patterns and transform themselves now will not only minimize the costs of short-term inefficiencies, but will be well-positioned for long-term success with digital applications that generate value.

In this webinar we’ll explain how DataOps and contextualization sit at the very center of digital applications and empower organizations to adapt to ongoing change with advanced analytics. Cognite will unpack and explore several high-value digital use cases that can be delivered within six weeks and set the stage for valuable and cost-effective use of your industrial data.

Use cases to be explored:

  • Extracting Data from Control Systems

  • Operationalizing Production Dashboards

  • Digitizing P&ID Drawings

  • 3D Modeling

  • Asset-Specific Condition Monitoring

Who you will meet

GABE PRADO, PRODUCT MARKETING DIRECTOR, POWER & UTILITIES: With eight years in the industrial test and measurement industry and two years working with energy customers to deploy ML and advanced analytics solutions, Gabe has seen firsthand the challenges that major industrial companies face when they can’t map the right data to their digital applications. At Cognite, he aims to help customers understand the challenges with their data infrastructure and identify how it can best be applied to solve problems across the Power & Utilities value chain.

JONAS HERTEL, DIRECTOR OF CUSTOMER SUCCESS, POWER & UTILITIES: Jonas has more than a decade of experience in the Norwegian power generation industry. He started out as a production planner, handled maintenance planning and strategy, and was in charge of an O&M project portfolio. He was also responsible for R&D, digitalization projects, and the development of a cloud-based predictive maintenance system based on ML and AI. At Cognite, Jonas is a bridge between customers and our own developers, helping us develop relevant use cases and propose valuable applications to the Power & Utilities market.

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