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Digital Aftermarket Services: Best Practices for Successful Development and Operationalization

Learn how OEMs are overcoming the challenges of a complex industrial reality to successfully develop, operationalize, and commercialize outcome-based digital aftermarket services.

In this webinar

November 11th, 2020
1pm - 2pm (CET)

2020 has been a volatile year for industrial companies. But now more than ever, forward-looking OEMs are investing in the skills and technologies that will help them optimize their products and reduce waste, including digital solutions that enable remote monitoring and diagnostics of equipment in the field, self-service condition monitoring, and secure data sharing between themselves and customers.

Join us in this webinar as we take a look at how OEMs can set themselves up for success in a rapidly changing industrial landscape. We’ll discuss:

  • How to liberate data. Breaking down silos and collecting all the data you produce in a single location will enable your engineers to spend more time analyzing insights and less time searching for them.

  • How to contextualize data. By combining insights from different data sources — maintenance data, events from the CMMS, control system data, sensor values, and more — your solutions will be able to more accurately predict failures and suggest timely, targeted maintenance actions.

  • How to make data shareable. Making data available across your organization is only the first step. Transforming heavy-asset industries will take ecosystems of operators, OEMs, and others, all committed to sharing high-quality data securely.

Who you will meet

Sander van der Meer
Sander van der Meer, Sr. Director of OEM Business Development, Cognite

Sander’s career spans large, global OEMs and solution providers in the heavy-asset industries. Starting as a field service engineer 25 years ago, he quickly recognized the value of the internet, remote monitoring, and proactive, connected services. In his role as a service manager for GE supporting customers with critical assets in remote locations, he successfully implemented long-term service support agreements focusing on value creation in customer operations. Sander has a degree in mechanical engineering and automation technology from Hanze University of Applied Sciences.

Jake Bouma
Jake Bouma, Director of Smart Maintenance, Cognite

With a background in nuclear physics and experience building data science teams across logistics, telecommunications, and digital marketing, Jake has spent the past three years of his career focusing on data-driven reliability and predictive maintenance in heavy-asset industries, seeing advanced analytics through from development to production. As Director of Smart Maintenance at Cognite, Jake and his team work with Cognite’s customers and partner network to realize the digital transformation of maintenance and reliability using Cognite Data Fusion. Jake has a master’s degree in nuclear physics from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.