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Contextualized data and digital twins amplify digitization value

“Digitalization success hinges on providing data scientists and developers with access to contextual, meaningful data at their moment of need.”


Frost & Sullivan names Cognite a 2022 Technology Innovation Leader for Digital Industrial Platforms

“Frost & Sullivan believes that from a technology innovation leadership standpoint, Cognite Data Fusion® stands out as the best platform solution for achieving a data-driven business operation.”

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Cognite Data Fusion provides contextualization of operational asset data to increase the ease of data analytics

“Cognite Data Fusion offers a SaaS-based composable solution of functional modules for common industrial asset classes, deployable in the cloud or on-premises and designed to integrate existing IT and OT infrastructure. Cognite worked with a major oil company to deliver a physics-guided ML solution compatible with existing data security and IT infrastructure to identify problems with crude oil separation, helping the company reduce separation time by 70% while ensuring the solution can be scaled across multiple sites.”