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Why Data-Driven Inspection Is Critical for a Solid Asset Reliability Strategy

Industry has a problem. Industrial systems are made up of a variety of components from a variety of OEMs, making it hard to control data flow. This siloed structure of IT, OT, and ET data leads to poor data quality and slow, expensive digital initiatives. 

This is particularly problematic in inspection workflows, where you need accurate insights and fast remediation. Organizations are continually challenged to optimize operations and improve the profitability of asset maintenance, neither of which can be achieved without more efficient and innovative inspection data management. 

  • How to optimize the broad availability and usability of inspection data

  • How to modernize inspection workflows to increase efficiency and reliability

  • How to integrate data-driven inspection into your reliability strategy

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On Demand

Why Data-Driven Inspection Is Critical for a Solid Asset Reliability Strategy

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Meet the speakers


Bob Baughman

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Bob Baughman is the co-founder and CEO of HUVRdata. HUVR is a NextGen cloud-based industrial asset management solution that helps asset owners aggregate all aspects of their inspection data.

Bob’s purpose in creating HUVR  was to provide industrial asset owners with an easy to implement and immediately profitable new digital inspection workflow solution. HUVR is an Enterprise SaaS company based in Austin, Texas, and serves Fortune 500 Enterprise Industrial Asset owners globally.

Trygve Ronningen

Trygve Ronningen

Group COO & EVP Operations NA

Trygve Ronningen serves as the Group COO and SVP of Operations for Cognite North America, where he works closely with partners and customers to change the way the industry works and make business more sustainable than it is today. With more than twenty years of experience selling, implementing, training, and supporting high-tech, innovative, software operations, Trygve helped drive of the successful deployments of the leading Enterprise Search Solutions, FAST/Microsoft, and one of the market’s top five Enterprise Resource Planning solutions, IFS Applications. Before joining Cognite, Trygve served as the the CEO of Cenium AS, delivering software solutions for the Hospitality Industry. Trygve has a Masters Degree in Business and Economics from Norwegian School of Management.