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Cognite/OutSystems/ PwC Webinar: From Idea To Operationalized ApplicationIn Weeks, Not Years

In this exclusive recorded webinar, Cognite, OutSystems and PwC will share their expertise on what it takes to enable organizations to go from idea all the way to operationalized digital applications with an actual use case example

Watch the Webinar


What is covered in this Webinar:

Use the power of data and low-code to increase business results for manufacturing firms in weeks and months, not quarters and years.

Reduce development time and cost while increasing efficiency and quality- see what low-code does for Manufacturing Industry.

Customer Case Study: Aarbakke. Hear how Aarbakke built and deployed new digital application and more efficient workflows- powered by Cognite, OutSystems and PwC.


  • Implementing a digitalization architecture with DataOps
  • Value of fast development using Low Code
  • Fast Prototyping and ensuring value generation
  • Case Study - Aarbakke Application Demo


Cognite, Petteri Vainikka: 
Petteri is the Vice President of Product Marketing at Cognite. He has extensive experience in strategy, sales and marketing of data management and SaaS technologies.

OutSytems, Andy Pemberton: 
Andy Pemberton leads OutSystems' Field Engineering team and has many years’ experience helping organizations ship higher quality software. Andy and his team work with OutSystems customers to help them understand and start using OutSystems platform.

PwC, Martin Gallardo:
Martin is leading Innovation and Digital Delivery in the Energy Experience Center of PwC in Stavanger. He has extensive experience with innovation consulting, digital, startups and corporates, especially in the energy and financial sectors.

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