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Realizing/rethinking predictive maintenance through intelligent aftermarket services

Find out how performance-based aftermarket services are using IoT technology, data sharing, and predictive analytics to optimize equipment maintenance and performance.

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In this webinar

May 7th, 2020
2pm - 2:30pm (CEST)

Becoming a data-driven company offers unique opportunities to equipment manufacturers to provide digital aftermarket services to their customers:

  • Streamlining existing services offerings and innovating for improved reliability and more efficient maintenance
  • Improving product development based on real-time operational data
  • Developing new performance-based contracts to share cost savings

But from the edge to app, it can be overwhelming for industrial companies to get to grips with the technology required to realize the potential in data-driven operations. 

DataOps -- making industrial data useful and connecting it to digital applications -- is central to what we do at Cognite. We provide DataOps as a managed service to rocket industrial customers into digital maturity.

In this webinar, we will demonstrate how Cognite’s technology enables secure data sharing and rapid development of scalable aftermarket applications, allowing industrial companies to focus on business opportunities instead of IT complexity.

We’ll go through examples from our customers, and give you a sneak peek at upcoming developments on our own roadmap to support these use cases.

Finally, we’ll paint a more holistic picture of data-driven Predictive Maintenance to show how it will transform maintenance and reliability in heavy-asset industries through performance-based contracts.

Join us to relearn an old lesson: The best results are achieved when each party plays to their strengths.

Who you will meet

JAKE BOUMA, DIRECTOR OF SMART MAINTENANCE: With a background in nuclear physics and experience building data science teams across logistics, telecommunications, and digital marketing, Jake has spent the past three years of his career focusing on data-driven reliability and predictive maintenance in heavy-asset industries, seeing advanced analytics through from development to production. As Director of Smart Maintenance at Cognite, Jake and his team work with Cognite’s customers and partner network to realize the digital transformation of maintenance and reliability using Cognite Data Fusion.

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