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The Robot Data Problem, Solved: Pave the path to automation with Industrial DataOps

This white paper explores:

  • How the combination of robots and industrial data operations (DataOps) can help industrial companies in oil and gas, power and utilities, and manufacturing take an important step toward an autonomous future.
  • How Cognite Data Fusion™ creates a robust foundation for automation and use of robots.
  • How leading industrial companies are combining hardware and software to meet the world's growing demands for energy and goods, yet cut costs, emissions, and waste.

Hardware alone isn’t enough to meet the challenges that industrial companies face today.

To incorporate robots into their digital transformation strategies, industrial companies need software that collects the valuable data gathered by robots, processes it, and makes insights available to all data consumers, from control room operators and field workers to data scientists and solution engineers.

Solve the robot data problem and pave the path to automation with Cognite Data Fusion™, the leading Industrial DataOps platform.

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Learn how a major national grid operator used Cognite Data Fusion™ and robots such as Boston Dynamics’ Spot to minimize the need to travel to remote, unmanned locations, helping the company reduce its climate gas emissions, ensure higher uptime through data-driven maintenance, and keep people out of harm's way.

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Read how Aker BP and Cognite pioneered remote-controlled offshore missions on a floating production, storage, and offloading (FPSO) unit—an important step toward greater use of robots in the oil and gas industry, demonstrating how remote operations with robots can make offshore operations safer, more efficient, and more sustainable.


Find out how robots can help industrial companies keep track of tools, vehicles, equipment, materials, and more at their sites, helping them reduce costs and optimize processes.

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