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Extending the Value of Drone and Robotics Data

Robotics and drone programs are increasingly valuable components of inspection workflows, capable of operating in dangerous and remote locations while offering a consistent and expanded field of view. But in many cases, the data collected remains underutilized due to a lack of integration with analytics workflows.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn about high-value use cases that benefit from automated inspection via industrial robots and drones
  • Understand how contextualized data and digital twins create a dynamic, high-fidelity link between these programs and the rest of the data & analytics technology stack
  • See these principles applied in technology demos and customer case studies
  • Hear from industry experts on the near-term implications and outlook for the power & utilities industry

This session was originally streamed at Utility Analytics Week.




Extending the Value of Drone and Robotics Data

Meet the speakers

Gabe Prado-1

Gabe Prado

Product Marketing Director for Power & Utilities

At Cognite, Gabe Prado aims to help customers understand the challenges with their data infrastructure and identify how it can best be applied to solve problems across the Power & Utilities value chain. He has previously worked in the industrial test and measurement, and ML and advanced analytics industries. 

stein - ignite

Stein Danielson

Chief Solutions Officer and Co-Founder, Cognite

Stein is responsible for disruptive technologies, applications, and solutions built on the Cognite Data Fusion Platform. His multi-faceted experience in the software industry has taken him from search, real-time systems, and 3D graphics to large-scale data and transaction systems and beyond. 

Patrick Campbell

Patrick Campbell

Director of Sales for Utilities, Boston Dynamics

Patrick leads the global Power and Utilities sales function at Boston Dynamics. He is a proven leader who specializes in helping Industrial IT and Operations teams embrace digital transformation to improve performance. Patrick brings a 20 year history of enterprise sales success serving customers in the Energy, Utility and Industrial sectors. 

Alexandre Meldem

Alexandre Meldem

VP of Sales Flyability

Alexandre is committed to putting robots to work in places too dangerous for humans. He started working for this leading industrial indoor drone manufacturer as a business development rep in Switzerland in 2018. Alex was instrumental in doubling the percentage of US nuclear plants using the technology to 60%.