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How Would Unsiloed Data and Modern Software Change Your Maintenance Processes?

Get a closer look at the maintenance process in heavy-asset industries and how to improve it with new technology.

In this webinar

October 8th, 2020
2pm - 3pm (CEST)

Getting maintenance right affects both your resource needs and your production. Join us in this webinar as we look at the maintenance process — from setting objectives, to execution, to reporting, and everything in between — and how your performance can be enhanced by ensuring an efficient flow of information throughout the process and having stakeholders use modern software tools that they are familiar with from their daily lives. 

We’ll interview domain experts to understand the field and how different applications interact, and we’ll talk to the product manager and lead software engineer of Cognite Maintain, a Cognite workflow extension that aims to optimize customers’ maintenance planning, to learn about their experiences from working with industrial companies and their vision for transformed maintenance performance.

Topics include:

  • The dataflow in maintenance
  • The potential of performance improvements through additive software that doesn’t replace the source
  • Strengthening a campaign based operating model with software
  • Algorithm-supported workflows
  • Practical collaboration examples enabled by software

Who you will meet

Petter Jacob Jacobsen

Petter Jacob has been involved in digital transformation programs at several oil and gas operators across Europe and has prior experience from the industry from Schlumberger and as a data scientist from a technology startup. He is passionate about the opportunities of new digital technologies and data, but only to the extent that they have an impact on the core work processes in industry — which is what Cognite is focusing on with its workflow extensions.

Mari Sofie Korslund
Mari Sofie Korslund, Product Manager:

Mari Sofie has seven years of experience in driving transformational projects and programs in engineering and construction. Since joining Cognite, Mari Sofie has managed customer projects focusing on field workers in heavy-asset industries, and she is now leading the development of Cognite Maintain, an application that aims to optimize customers’ maintenance planning. 

Ashu Kumar
Ashutosh Kumar, Director of Customer Success:

Ashutosh is a member of Cognite’s oil and gas Customer Success team and has over seven years of experience in heavy-asset industries with a background in project management, process automation and data-driven maintenance using industrial IoT solutions. Prior to joining Cognite, he worked with development of predictive maintenance solutions for a service and maintenance provider in Norway and led engineering and commissioning of process automation projects at ABB India and Norway.