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From Machinist to Citizen Data Scientist

A journey at Aarbakke's Smart Factory: tools, techniques, and challenges to becoming a Citizen Data Scientist.

In this webinar

June 11th, 2020
4pm - 5pm (CEST)

As organizations pursue a data-driven future, data science is becoming core to organizational success. And as access to data becomes more prevalent in industry, companies are now seeking to apply data science.

The Norwegian manufacturing company Aarbakke and its Smart Factory team have unlocked significant amounts of data, but harnessing its potential and creating long-term success will depend on the competencies built around managing and using that data. Like many industrial companies, Aarbakke is filling this skills gap by developing Citizen Data Scientists: engineers and analytically minded individuals who are empowered to solve problems effectively with data.

As part of the Smart Factory team at Aarbakke, Nicolai Wilberg Jensen is responsible for developing use cases, data modeling, and much more. With more than 10 years of experience as a machinist, he brings significant domain expertise to this process.

Join us to learn about Nicolai’s journey to becoming a Citizen Data Scientist, including:

  • How his domain expertise helped him use newly unlocked data
  • The tools and techniques he’s learned to use
  • How industry can better serve roles such as his

Who you will meet

NICOLAI WILBERG JENSEN, SMART FACTORY - INDUSTRIAL DATA DEVELOPER, AARBAKKE: Nicolai is part of the Smart Factory team at Aarbakke, where he is responsible for developing use cases, data modelling, and analysis. Since joining Aarbakke as an apprentice in 2007, he has worked as a machinist, programmer, and tech support within the production department.

HUNTER BECK, CUSTOMER SUCCESS, HEAD OF MANUFACTURING, COGNITE: Hunter leads Customer Success for Cognite’s manufacturing clients, ensuring customers realize the full value potential of Cognite Data Fusion. Prior to his current role, he helped multinationals achieve digitalization in manufacturing as part of the global Digital Enterprise initiative at Siemens. Since joining Cognite in mid-2019, Hunter has led project execution with manufacturing clients and supported product innovation to meet industry needs.

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