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How to Bring to Market Data-Driven Maintenance Services with Certified Quality

Join us in this webinar to learn how MHWirth, a leading global topside drilling equipment manufacturer, developed and operationalized its predictive maintenance solution using Industrial DataOps and achieved DNV certification.

We’ll take a closer look at MHWirth's DrillCon services and DNV’s approval of service supplier scheme, and discuss the advantages and challenges that come with data-driven maintenance optimization and decision support.

This webinar will explore:

  • How to bridge the AI/trust divide and obtain certified predictive solution quality
  • How the smart use of data drives a reduction of maintenance costs and improves safety
  • How to transition from calendar-based maintenance to predictive maintenance
  • How using an Industrial DataOps platform for AI application development enables you to focus on the solution's business value, not data engineering and governance
  • How MHWirth and Cognite are building a unified maintenance data model




How to Bring to Market Data-Driven Maintenance Services with Certified Quality

Martin Hemmer Profilbilde

Martin Hemmer

Specialist Engineer

Martin is responsible for technical development and commercialization of DrillCon - MHWirth's CBM services. Recently, he led the application process culminating in MHWirth becoming the first company worldwide to obtain CBM AoSS certification from DNV.

Joar Haaland

Joar Håland

Principal Specialist

Joar is discipline responsible for services related to maintenance and inspection management for Mobile Offshore Units (MOU). This involves verification and implementation of programmes based on systematics like risk-based inspection (RBI), condition-based maintenance (CBM) and reliability centered maintenance (RCM).

Petteri Vainikka

Petteri Vainikka

VP of Product Marketing

Petteri’s professional career spans enterprise SaaS technologies, where he has found himself at the intersection of emerging transformational technology development and its commercial applications for customers.