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June 17, 2021

Smarter Trades, Bigger Profits: Improving Data Analysis Across the Spectrum of Power Trading Activity

This webinar will explore:

  • The business case for integrating data science into forecasting and trading analysis.
  • How to enable the data science process and facilitate continuous improvement.
  • Best practices and lessons learned from our experience with power generation customers.

For many operators, power trading remains more of an art than a science that still relies heavily on heuristics and trader intuition. But as markets evolve and deviate from historical patterns, the tools and methods to make smarter trades must adapt in order to maintain or grow profitability and become a sustainable source of competitive advantage.

Improved trading outcomes benefit from an ecosystem of data and tools that make it easier to analyze trending and correlation and create predictive models that become more powerful over time.

Join our power trading subject-matter experts to learn how Cognite enables analysts and traders to work iteratively in a data science process across a range of analytical topics within the trading domain.

Meet the speakers


Ingar Landet

VP of Customer Success

Ingar is responsible for Cognite's lighthouse customers in the power and utilities industry, including work on power trading topics. He has 10 years of experience working with strategy and technology for energy companies, including market analysis, regulatory topics, and digitalization.


Jørgen Lund

Data Scientist

Jørgen is a part of the Industry Solutions team at Cognite, working primarily with customers in the power and utilities industry. He has experience developing data-driven solutions for a number of hydropower companies, including solutions focused on power trading topics.

Gabe Prado-1

Gabe Prado

Product Marketing Director

Gabe focuses on enabling go-to-market strategy and activities for Cognite's power and utilities business. He has a background in industrial testing and measurement as well as artificial intelligence systems for companies in heavy-asset industries.