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Clock Icon May 23-26, 2022
Location Icon Atlanta, Georgia

Join Cognite at the Connected Plant Conference

Cognite will be present at The Connected Plant Conference as Gold Sponsors.

Cognite Data Fusion streamlines industrial data and application development workflows so that dashboards, digital twins, and AI/ML can deploy and scale at the lowest marginal costs.





How Technology and Humans Can Work Together

Monday, May 23rd, 3:00pm

Susan Peterson Sturm, Chief Information Security Officer

“Connected Workforce” has become the newest buzzword at the forefront of modern-day industry challenges. Transitioning to digitalized processes entity-wide may be no different. As new technologies are adopted, employee skills and flexibility will be key to enabling new approaches and processes, and utilizing new data. Digitalization is an opportunity for fundamental change in plant management and execution. Digital tools connect workers, teams, and workforces, streamline collaborative work processes and dramatically improve quality and real-time communication. Digitally connected workforces are able to move faster, react quicker to change, and generate the real-time data that supports innovation in any organization.

Panel Speakers

Daniel Goulet, Mobideo Technologies

Dave Maher, Delek US

Suzimara Silva, Braskem S.A.

Jim Flynn, Invista

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