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Clock Icon March 14-15, 2022
Location Icon Berlin, Germany

Join Cognite at Rethink! Smart Manufacturing

Data silos are not just limiting our access to information, but they are restricting the way we can collaborate. Many domains, from operations, to planning, maintenance, R&D, and analytics are using siloed environments to generate insights from often similar sets of data.

Join Cognite at Rethink! Smart Manufacturing to learn how we accelerate manufacturers' journey to build and scale 100s of real-time solutions from the plant floor to the enterprise.




Equipping the Smart SME for the Smart Factory with industrial data operations

March 14th, 8:45AM - 9:15AM

Industrial data operations (DataOps) equip SMEs to perform analyses in minutes instead of hours by turning disparate data into information. To achieve this productivity step change, relationships must be established between data sources through the process of data contextualization. Once the relationships are known, data can become explorable in domain-specific language (“Pump 202” vs “SES-PMP-X02”), and available in no-code applications your SMEs already know to deliver more business value.

In this session we will cover:
  • Challenges faced by subject matter experts in the current industrial data landscape
  • What is data contextualization and does it make data accessible and understandable
  • Case studies on how contextualized data has enabled SMEs in the process industry


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