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Clock Icon March 17-18, 2022
Location Icon San Diego, California

Join Cognite at Industry of Things World USA

Data silos are not just limiting our access to information, but they are restricting the way we can collaborate. Many domains, from operations, to planning, maintenance, R&D, and analytics are using siloed environments to generate insights from often similar sets of data.

Join Cognite at IoT World USA to learn how we accelerate manufacturers' journey to build and scale 100s of real-time solutions from the plant floor to the enterprise.

Cognite Data Fusion®:
Make industrial data speak human

Cognite Data Fusion® provides the product functionality needed to deliver solutions faster, with more agility, and at scale with:


Analytics Workbench

An analytics workbench for SMEs to make data-driven decisions in real-time.

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AI-driven contextualization services to create relationships between all your OT, IT, and ET data defined by

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Open Architecture

An open architecture with an API-first approach to continue using analytics, dashboarding, and app development environments your domain experts already know

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Templates that automate the scaling of use cases across assets and processes




The Anatomy of a Digital Twin that Delivers Expected Outcomes

March 17th, 12:15PM

The definition of a digital twin is often inconsistent. While most agree the purpose of a digital twin is to improve operational efficiency, provide real-time insights, and enable intelligent decision-making, very few have made significant strides in using a digital twin to address these opportunities. In order to realize value from our digital twins, we must first step back and approach the digital twin as a composition of technology layers. Only when we start thinking about the digital twin as a technology stack, can we understand the core capabilities required to generate value for our organizations.

In this session, we will identify the criteria required for a digital twin to address high priority use cases for your organization while also having the industrial foundation for your twin to grow across data sources, data types, and use cases.


Meet the Cognite team at Industry of Things World USA


Chad Johnson

Director of Business Development


Marissa Pang

Senior Data Engineer


Torgrim Aas

Principal Solution Architect


Ben Skal

Director of Product Marketing


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