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Cleaning Up Our Act: Data-Driven Sustainability in Upstream Oil & Gas

Reducing emissions has become the responsibility of every oil and gas company. BP explains how digitalization is powering its sustainable transformation.


Rob Kelly

Rob Kelly
Head of Upstream Digital, BP

Rob Kelly is responsible for shaping and delivering BP’s upstream digital transformation. He joined BP in 1988 and now has more than three decades of industry experience, including in marketing, commercial, operations, project management, joint venture management, and corporate posts in London, Aberdeen, Grangemouth, Teesside, Jakarta, Baku, Houston, and Bogota. Kelly has a Ph.D. in organometallic chemistry from Imperial College London.

Francois Laborie

Session Moderator - Dr. Francois Laborie
President, Cognite North America

Francois Laborie runs Cognite's operations in North America, including offices in Houston and Austin, Texas. Previously, he managed Cognite’s overall marketing activities as Chief Marketing Officer. He spent the preceding 11 years with software company Vizrt, where he served as COO and CCO, responsible for all commercial and operational activities. Laborie has a Ph.D. from the Toulouse Computer Science Research Institute.

In This Session

When it comes to sustainability, oil and gas companies face growing political pressure, stricter regulations, a worsening public opinion - but also greater incentives to take action. Reducing emissions has become the responsibility of every oil and gas company. This campaign for change has placed BP firmly at the forefront of the industry’s sustainable transformation. BP has a target of net zero emissions by 2050 and has made a pledge to cut production by 40 percent in the next decade.

Digitalization is one of the key enablers to make this transformation a reality, offering powerful tools that extract insights and identify opportunities from the billions of data points collected across a company’s infrastructure. In this session, we’ll talk to the Head of BP’s Upstream Digital Organization, Rob Kelly, about embracing digitalization and using it to reform the company operations and reduce emissions.


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