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Industry Under Siege: A New Era of Industrial Cybersecurity

Sophisticated cybercriminals are setting their sights on industry. How can industrial companies digitalize their operations while minimizing risk?


Ron Brash


Ron Brash is a Director of Cyber Security Insights at Verve Industrial. He has more than a decade of cybersecurity knowledge, including on selected ICS/SCADA topics, deep packet inspection, threat research, and technical areas ranging from technical risk assessments, security architecture review, OT SIEM integrations, and controls review. Brash has a master’s degree in computer science from Concordia University.

Tomomi Aoyama

Tomomi Aoyama
Head of Business Development UK, Nihon Cyber Defence

Tomomi Aoyama joined Nihon Cyber Defence as the head of Business Development UK in 2020. She has a Ph.D. from the Nagoya Institute of Technology, and her academic career has focused on applying process hazard analysis (PHA) to cyber risk assessment, lifecycle security management, and human factors in cyber incident response, among other cybersecurity topics.

Francois Laborie

Session Moderator - Dr. Francois Laborie
President, Cognite North America

Francois Laborie runs Cognite's operations in North America, including offices in Houston and Austin, Texas. Previously, he managed Cognite’s overall marketing activities as Chief Marketing Officer. He spent the preceding 11 years with software company Vizrt, where he served as COO and CCO, responsible for all commercial and operational activities. Laborie has a Ph.D. from the Toulouse Computer Science Research Institute.

In This Session

For years industrial equipment and systems were manually monitored and managed by people and had no connection to the outside world or network. There was little integration between OT and IT systems, and the only way to hack or sabotage OT systems was through gaining physical access.

The ever-accelerating pace of industrial digitalization is causing the worlds of IT and OT to converge. And as industrial equipment and systems connect to the network, they also expose themselves to attacks. Now, large enterprises and public utilities are attracting the attention of sophisticated cybercriminals because of the wealth of confidential information at their disposal - and their financial capacity to meet ransomware demands.

During this session we’ll discuss cybersecurity in the context of digitalized industry and the approach industrial companies should take to build resilience and minimize risk. We’ll also discuss the risk versus reward of digitalization and highlight how cybersecurity should play a significant role in ensuring that your investment in digitalization is a wise one.


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