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Best-Laid Plans: How 2020 Reshaped Industrial Innovation Priorities

2020 has forced industrial companies to rethink how they harness technology to innovate. Maersk Drilling and Wood detail their priorities

Ever-increasing cost pressures, changing market dynamics, and rising competition are making industrial companies rethink how they harness technology to innovate.

While technology has transformed the lives of consumers, it has yet to make its full mark on the industrial world. Individual technologies are gradually proving their value, but where’s the sweeping change?

This session will look at how two globally leading industrial service companies, Maersk Drilling and Wood, are betting on innovation to increase revenues and expand margins. We’ll discuss innovation strategies that the industry is following and their effects on digital product and service development, customer-supplier relationships, ecosystems, and more.


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Best-Laid Plans: How 2020 Reshaped Industrial Innovation Priorities


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Marika Reis

Vice President - Head of innovation, Maersk Drilling

Marika Reis is the Vice President and Head of Innovation at Maersk Drilling, where she is responsible for building up and maximizing Maersk Drillings innovation efforts globally. Before joining Maersk Drilling, she was the Vice President of Innovation and head of E.ON’s global Innovation Hub B2C. Reis has master’s degrees in analytical chemistry and pharmaceutical science from the University of Uppsala.

Prabu Parthasarathy.jpg

Prabu Parthasarathy

VP of Intelligent Operations, Wood

Prabu Parthasarathy is the VP of Intelligent Operations at Wood. He looks after a portfolio of software products and services that deal with operational issues in the upstream, downstream, manufacturing, and other industries as part of the Wood Automation and Control division. A flow assurance engineer by background, Parthasarathy has a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from the University of Houston.

Paula Doyle

Paula Doyle - Session Moderator

SVP of Sales & Marketing, Cognite

Paula Doyle is Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Cognite. She has spent the past 15 years working in a variety of roles within the oil and gas industry for companies such as ABB and Siemens, including in Norway and the Middle East. Paula has a Ph.D. in industrial automation from the University of Limerick.