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...Because a Digital Transformation Starts with Your Field Workers

Get a closer look at Cognite InField, designed to empower industrial field workers, support their workflows, and boost their field efficiency.

In this webinar as we explore modern field work and take a closer look at Cognite InField and its capabilities in:

  • Integrated Work Management
  • Smart Reporting
  • Real-Time Info Hub

...Because a Digital Transformation Starts with Your Field Workers


Petter Jacob Jacobsen

Petter Jacob Jacobsen

VP of Product Marketing, Workflow Extensions

Petter Jacob has been involved in digital transformation programs at several oil and gas operators across Europe and has prior experience from the industry from Schlumberger and as a data scientist from a technology startup. He is passionate about the opportunities of new digital technologies and data, but only to the extent that they have an impact on the core work processes in industry — which is what Cognite is focusing on with its workflow extensions.

Cathrine Stenstadvold-2

Cathrine Stenstadvold

Director of Product Management

Cathrine has more than 10 years of experience with product development. Over the past seven years, she worked with mobile application development for both the consumer and business markets. At Cognite, Cathrine is the Product Manager for the application InField, which targets field workers in heavy-asset industries, and she has worked closely with several customers on their Digital Worker initiatives.

Kristoffer Husøy

Kristoffer Husøy

Director of Design

Kristoffer has worked at the intersection of humans and complex technology for 16 years, designing industrial software products at ABB and Cognite. At Cognite, Kristoffer leads a team of designers who work passionately to understand users’ core challenges and create delightful and easy-to-use products to transform how industry works.

Digital Worker Applications, Mobility Software, Field Service Management Tools — there are many names for applications trying to make field workers’ day more efficient.

Cognite InField was made by field workers for field workers (with, we admit, some help from world-class software engineers) to ensure that it offers an experience that users love. Because efficiency gains from an application start with the application actually being used.

We’ll talk with the InField product manager, Cathrine Stenstadvold, about her vision, and we’ll hear from users of Cognite InField about their experiences with the app in the field.

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