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90% of industrial firms struggle to achieve their digital initiatives

In this exclusive 60 minute webinar, Paul Miller from Forrester explains how contextualized data and digital twins amplify digitization value. Watch the video today!

What is covered

Data is key to digitization, but extracting insights remains challenging. Over 83% of firms experience challenges with using data to deliver insights across the organization.

Lack of data skills and IT/OT separation hinder firms’ digitization progress. Unavailability of qualified digital talent is slowing down the pace of digital transformation. This is a reality for 75% of IT and OT decision makers in our study. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning boost innovation. Digital twin initiatives attempt to combine new techniques from ML with established physics-based modeling and simulation

Thinking strategically about priorities. Most industrial firms have expanded their top priorities beyond just operational to also include strategic initiatives like becoming data-driven (88%).


Who you will meet

PAUL MILLER: Paul is a Principal Analyst serving Infrastructure & Operations Professionals at Forrester. He focuses on digital manufacturing and the internet of things (IoT), with research that explores how new technologies challenge established organizations and their business models.

Paul Miller_SM