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Industrial DataOps: IoT Optimized Data Empowering Engineers to Operationalize Data at Scale

IDC Technology Spotlight


  • Industrial data challenges: Only one in four organizations extracts value from data to a significant extent

  • DataOps opportunity: Industrial DataOps promises to improve time to value, quality, predictability, and scale of the operational data analytics life cycle.

  • From theory to practice with industrial DataOps technology: Establishing DataOps is a gradual process that requires greater cohesion among data stakeholders.

Considering Cognite:

Cognite is an international industrial DataOps technology developer. Its core software product is Cognite Data Fusion (CDF), a full-stack DataOps platform focusing on unifying and communicating data across IT, OT, and ET disciplines and the entire operational asset life cycle. Built fully on public-cloud-managed services, CDF can be consumed as SaaS or embedded as middleware into larger in-house data platforms as an API SaaS. 

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