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90% of industrial firms struggle to achieve their digital initiatives

In this Forrester February 2020 report we explain how contextualized data and digital twins amplify digitization value

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  • Data is key to digitization, but extracting insights remains challenging.
  • Lack of data skills and IT/OT separation hinder firms’ digitization progress. 
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning boost innovation.

Firms must move beyond just automating existing – siloed - business operations, and become software-proficient, if not software-native, to thrive in today’s business environment. This hinges on providing data scientists, professional and citizen developers as well as engineers with access to contextual, meaningful data at their moment of need.

Leaders in industrial firms must encourage shared responsibility across IT and OT teams, fostering collaboration and shared responsibility for both physical and digital experiences. Solutions need to transcend the organizational silos and legacy systems on which they’re built in support of clearly articulated customer outcomes.


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