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Building a Contextualized Power System Network Model

by Statnett and Cognite

Cognite and Statnett, which owns and operates the Norwegian power grid, have from 2018 to 2020 been engaged in an R&D partnership. As part of this R&D engagement, the companies explored how to construct a unified data model (starting with a functional power system model) that can be populated with information from a multitude of data sources and queried efficiently by domain experts using a domain language that is familiar to them.

Download this paper to discover how Cognite and Statnett:

  • Collaborated to to build, populate, and expose a rich, contextualized data model of the Norwegian power system.
  • Developed the Power SDK, which adds functionality on top of the regular Cognite
    Python SDK.
  • Liberated data from multiple data sources, enabling analysts at Statnett to find and retrieve relevant information for their analysis tasks more efficiently, leading to better data-driven decision-making.

Building a contextualized


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