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Why Process Industries Need Industrial DataOps To Optimize Production

Only 25% of companies generate significant value from their data. Learn about the three digital transformation principles that set these organizations apart.

In this webinar

Tuesday, April 13th, 2021
4pm CEST / 10am CDT

Process industries are struggling to generate significant returns from digital transformation initiatives in their production environments. Every organization is unique, and while there is no one-size-fits-all solution, there are three principles that all organizations should prioritize to start unlocking value:


  1. Make contextualized data available for rapid use case development
  2. Provide trustworthy results to ensure use case adoption
  3. Expand the data spectrum with unstructured data to support unsolved use cases


Join us in this webinar to learn how industrial customers have solved use cases by focusing on these principles and learn firsthand how Cognite Data Fusion is enabling practical use case development across organizations.

Ben Skal BW
Ben Skal, Director of Product Marketing - Manufacturing, Cognite

At Cognite, Ben helps customers in the manufacturing industry connect technology to use cases in the production environment. He started his career at a major steel producer and has spent 10 years working in the process industry, including six years working for an industrial automation solution provider. Ben has a master’s degree from Carnegie Mellon University.

Gunnar Staff
Gunnar Staff, Senior Principal Data Scientist, Cognite

Gunnar joined Cognite in 2018 and leads the company’s Production Optimization team. Prior to that, Gunnar spent 12 years in the SPT Group and Schlumberger working on the multiphase flow simulator OLGA doing model development, validation, and optimization. Gunnar has a Ph.D. in numerical methods from the Simula Research Laboratory in Oslo, Norway.